Training: Functional Safety with ISO 26262 (Stuttgart, 5.-7. Jun. 2019, or Inhouse at your site)

Functional Safety with ISO 26262 – Principles and Practice

Also available worldwide according to your needs in-house in your company.

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Functional safety has gained momentum across all industries. Standards such as IEC 61508 or ISO 26262 as well as product liability mandate a thorough management of specifications, analyses and implementations of functional safety. Especially ISO 26262 has penetrated the entire automotive industry at a rapid speed and is mandatory in all safety-critical E/E engineering.

Functions such as adaptive cruise control, crash protection systems, active body control and ESP are increasing in complexity and taking an ever more active role in controlling the car. These functions are realized by systems of sensors, actuators and interconnected electronic control units. The systems must be designed to function under a variety of operating conditions and must adhere to a number of mechanical, hardware and software constraints. In order to be able to manage the emerging product liability risks associated with such systems as well as ensuring the high level of quality required of automotive systems, significant improvements to engineering processes are necessary.

This training with Vector's internationally renowned experts on functional safety introduces to the basic techniques for specification, analysis, testing and proving the safety of systems. We show how to apply these techniques in the context of a specific system development. You get introduced to the handling of ISO 26262 to connect both safety and efficiency needs. We describe our experiences in adapting companies’ development processes to conform to ISO 26262. We detail key success factors in overcoming mentioned challenges and provide practical examples from working with global OEMs and tier-one suppliers on implementing safety standards in E/E development. Based on real examples, we show how safety concepts are implemented, so you can transfer what you have learned quickly to your own environment.


This training addresses engineers and managers in systems, hardware and software development, project managers, system and software engineers, analysts, consultants, quality managers from companies in all industries and sizes, who need to better understand functional safety and the specific requirements and solutions.


Dr. Arnulf Braatz is a manager at Vector Consulting Services. Previously he worked as a project manager in development projects as well as a software architect. Mr. Braatz supports companies worldwide to advance their development processes, evaluate and improve architectures, and ramp up functional safety capabilities. He works across industries in functional safety and cyber security thus understanding the current relevant standards.

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Do you want to make this training directly to your own examples and challenges? Looking for a workshop that delivers practical exercises to your environment? Then, we suggest this in-house training, where you can adjust focus, speed and schedules themselves. We also offer dedicated crash courses for employees and management. Just send us a brief mail.

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