E-Learning, Remote Training and Webinars

Vector offers several ways to support your further training online. You can chose between our E-Learning platform, Remote Training offers and webinars. The E-learning platform and the webinars are free of charge. Following you will find information on what to expect from every offer.

  • E-Learning

    Our E-Learning platform gives you the possibility to self-study certain topics of car electronics. Every topic is subdivided in learning units, each of which with one main focus. A learning unit comprises graphics and interactive content. You can learn at your own speed and determine the order in which to work through the learning units. Topics you already know or that you don't need to know about can be skipped.

    If we have aroused your curiosity then simply switch to the E-Learning platform of the VectorAcademy where we have everything prepared and ready for you. If you have the time and feel like getting started, we invite you to just do it.

  • Remote Training

    Our Remote Training classes are specifically designed for our customers who cannot participate in any of our face-to-face training classes, due to high travel expenses. For the same reason an individual training on your location might not be possible. A Remote Training cannot substitute a face-to-face training, but we will try to give you a basic understanding of our tools. The Remote Training consists of several sessions that will be held similar to a Webinar. The trainer will show you how to use the software and you can can ask questions or even share your desktop.

    For detailed information about our Remote Training, please visit our Remote Training page.

  • Webinars

    Vector offers you webinars on basic technical knowledge, Vector products and their functionalities. The webinar will take about 1 hour and will be presented by specialists from the product development.
    Our webinars are all live in order to allow you to participate interactively (e.g. to ask a question). If you might have missed an interesting topic you can watch the recordings of previous webinars. Information about upcoming dates and recorded webinars can be found on the following pages:

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