E-Training vCDMstudio

Offered by Vector in Stuttgart, Germany

Target Group
  • Calibration Engineers
  • Knowledge about additional features of vCDMstudio
  • Duration:
    • 4 Sessions, spread over two weeks
    • 2 hours each
  • Maximum Number of Participants: 16 Persons

The only prerequisite to this e-Training is a basic knowledge of vCDMstudio. Please watch the latest webinar of vCDMstudio .

The E-Training “vCDMstudio” addresses users of vCDMstudio. During the eight hour course a small number of trainees will be guided through the tool in several sessions which are spread over two weeks. The sessions build upon each other and comprise exercises and homework. The course is designed to provide an overview of vCDMstudio basic features. The E-Training will be held in English.

An additional introductory session will be held before the actual course starts. During this start-up session all technical questions will be answered and problems solved.

The trainees are connected with the trainer by bidirectional audio-link, so questions can be posed and solutions discussed with the trainer. Course material and software are going to be supplied before the training to make it easy for the trainees to practice, to later look up facts from the training, or to obtain further information.

This E-Training module is as close as possible to a face-to-face in-house training, but does not have the disadvantages of consuming large fees and taking the trainees out of the work process for one entire day. Of course the participation will be certified by a written document.

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