1 | Network Definitions with the J1939 Database (CANdb++)
  • Data description in a J1939 database
  • Definition of Parameter Groups, signals and attributes
  • Description of peer-to-peer and global communication
  • Differences between a standard CAN and a J1939 database
2 | Main Functions of CANoe.J1939
  • Enhancement of analyzing functionality by protocol context in
    Trace-, Data- and Graphics-Windows as well as data logging
  • Working with the J1939 plug-ins:
    Network Scanner, Node Filter, GPS enhancements
  • Hands-On training on PC
3 | Working with the J1939 Node Layer Interface (only CANoe)
  • Introduction of the CAPL programming environment
  • Working with the CAPL Node Layer API
    for usage of special J1939 protocol context
  • Working with J1939 Interaction Layer
  • Introduction into J1939 CAPL Programming Language
  • Hands-On training on PC