Vector Certified PREEvision Modeler | 7 Days

Target Group
  • PREEvision Application Engineers
  • Comprehensive knowledge in all levels of PREEvision
  • Certification "Certified PREEvision Modeler"

To follow the challenging content and to finally pass the exam the following prerequisites are mandatory:

  • You have already participated in a PREEvision training (e.g. Function Development)
  • Ideally you have at least one year experience with PREEvision
  • Duration: 7 Days (in 2 Modules à 3 and 4 Days)
    The modules cannot be booked individually
  • Training times: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Maximum number of participants: 8 people
  • Minimum number of participants: 4 people
  • The certification in Q1/Q2 2020 will be based on PREEvision 9.0,
    the certification in Q4 will be based on PREEvision 9.5

In order to obtain a certificate, the participants of a certification undergo all compulsory modules and then undergo an examination.

In order to pass the exam, a minimum number of points needs to be reached. If the minimum required score cannot be reached the exam is failed and the certification will not be granted.


Vector supports you in acquiring the certificate through a specially tailored PREEvision Modeler Qualification Program. During the modules the relevant theoretical knowledge and also the practical application will be covered. The successful transfer of learning will be evaluated at the end of the program by conducting an exam. This makes the program a qualified certification.

Module 1: Modeling with PREEvision 1
3 Days
Understanding of vehicle or component development, AUTOSAR basic knowledge, at least one year of PREEvision experience
  • Concepts of PREEvision
  • Introduction to PREEvision
  • PREEvision in Multi User Mode
  • Requirements Layer and Customer Feature Layer
  • Logical Architecture Layer
  • Software Components Layer
Module 2: Modeling with PREEvision 2
4 Days
Participation in Module 1 "Modeling with PREEvision 1“
  • SOA and Ethernet
  • The Layers Network Topology and Component Architecture
  • Signal Routing and Communication
  • The Layers Electric Circuit and Wiring Harness
  • The Layer Geometrical Topology
  • The Wiring Harness Router
  • Product Lines and Variants
  • Exam
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