1 | Introduction to Serial Bus Systems in Vehicles
  • Electronics in vehicles, motivation for applying serial bus systems in vehicles
  • Fundamentals of serial data transmission, communication architectures
  • Serial bus systems and their application domains in vehicles
2 | Fundamentals of the LIN Protocol
  • LIN network architecture, communication principal
  • Synchronization, securing data
  • LIN frame, frame transmission, frame types
  • Frame slots, scheduling
  • Network and status management
3 | LIN Network Description
  • LIN Description Language
  • LIN Description File (LDF)
4 | LIN Network Configuration
  • Concept of LIN slave diagnostics, structure of diagnostic frames
  • Concept of the LIN slave configuration with special services
  • Node Capability File (NCF), system defining process
5 | LIN Hardware
  • LIN hardware interface (UART, LIN UART, LIN-Controller)
  • LIN transceiver