Webcast: AUTOSAR Classic Platform (CP) Basic Training | 4 Sessions

Class Description for Vector Informatik GmbH

Germany and all other countries

Target Group
  • ECU Developers of automobile suppliers and OEMs
  • Handling of Vector AUTOSAR solution
    (DaVinci Configurator Pro, DaVinci Developer)
  • Duration: 10 days (part-time) / 4 live Webcast Sessions with a trainer
  • Maximum Number of Participants: 40 Persons
  • Access to video material via our e-learning page

The AUTOSAR CP Basic Training in webcast format aims for a solid theoretical basic knowledge about AUTOSAR and the MICROSAR BSW. There are also practical examples of how to use the tools and the MICROSAR BSW. This knowledge can be deepened by hands-on exercises.

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Webcast: AUTOSAR Classic Platform (CP) Basic Training
10 days / 4 Webcast Sessions
Target Group:
ECU Developers of automobile suppliers and OEMs
AUTOSAR Classic Fundamentals
Handling of the Vector AUTOSAR solution
(DaVinci Configurator Pro, DaVinci Developer)
  • Overview and Introduction
  • AUTOSAR Classic Fundamentals
  • Operating System
  • Software Components
  • Input and Output
  • Communication
  • State Management and System Services
  • Nonvolatile Memory Access
  • Diagnostics

This Training is an online Course containing 3 learning chapters in form of WebCasts on the Vector elearning platform and 4 Live sessions. It improves the face-to-face in-house training by adapting to the individual learning pace of each participant. Additionally it eliminates the disadvantages of consuming large fees and taking the trainees fully out of the regular work process.

The participation is going to be certified, similar to the face-to-face in-house training.

Webcast Sessions via Web Conference Tool

In the first session the WebCast class and all applied tools are introduced. Additionally, all technical questions – that arise before the training - will be clarified and potential problems can be solved immediately.

For the following 3 Live Q&A sessions, the participants are connected with the trainer by bidirectional audio/video-link. That enables to ask questions and discuss the training contents together with the assigned Vector trainer and further participant. All course material can be downloaded to simplify later practice, to look up facts from the training later on, or to just obtain further information.

E-Learning course via Vector E-Learning Platform

The participants get access to the Vector E-Learning course for 6 months – so by far longer than the duration of the course itself. However, it is recommended that participants work through the videos during the course duration (10 days), since the regular Q&A sessions should focus on the last learning block.

The longer availability should enable to repeat the videos, in case you get in contact with some of the aspects in your daily work, or you just would like to have another look later on.

Since the participants get an account providing access to a restricted area on the E-Learning platform, we need at least one E-Mail address representing the participants for account creation.

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